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We professionally deliver advice and service, so that the right funds are in the right hands at the right time.

Trendline$ was established in June 2000, with the goal of assisting individuals and their loved ones to get the best protection they can. This mission has continued for over 20 years. Trendline$ is a local business based in Wollongong, that has a nationwide reach.


We know from experience that life can hand out some pretty harsh outcomes, and it is generally during these times when you know who is really there for you. Our commitment to you and your loved ones is to ensure that everything is easier when dealing with us. We are on your side and we will do what ever it takes for you and your family or your employees  to help.

We begin our relationship by ensuring you have the right funds in the right hands at the right time. We can do this by starting with “the end in mind”, preparing you for whatever life throws at you.

Our Services

We are risk insurance specialists, and can provide you with advice about what insurance you may need, and the plans that are best for you. 

Learn more about the process below.

Paul L

"Jonesy is trustworthy, smart and has my back. Insurers make their products very confusing and he is able to cut through to provide clear and logical explanations about how to best protect your family in a cost-effective way."

Chris B

"I can’t recommend Trendlines highly enough. They are very professional and highly knowledgeable yet at the same time friendly and compassionate. They really will look after your best interests."


"A very caring organisation who put the care of their clients above their financial gain. The insurance recommended and provided covered me for various situations that nobody expects to need. Would highly recommend!!"
"I am delighted to provide a Google Review for Shane Jones, a highly professional and knowledgeable life insurance advisor.

I had the pleasure of working with Shane when I was looking for life insurance to protect my family's financial future. From the very beginning, Shane displayed a deep understanding of the complexities of life insurance and helped me navigate through the many options available to find the best fit for my needs.
Shane took the time to get to know me and my family's situation, asking thoughtful questions to understand our goals and priorities.

He provided clear and concise explanations of each policy, including the benefits and drawbacks of each option. He was patient and responsive throughout the process, always taking the time to answer any questions I had and providing prompt and detailed follow-up.

What impressed me most about Shane was his dedication to providing personalised service. He didn't just try to sell me a policy; he genuinely cared about my family's well-being and took the time to ensure that we were making an informed decision that would provide the right level of protection for us. He went above and beyond to ensure that we had all the information we needed to make the right choice.

In summary, I would highly recommend Shane Jones to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and trustworthy life insurance advisor. His professionalism, expertise, and dedication to his clients are truly outstanding, and I am confident that anyone who works with him will be as impressed as I was."

Rob Morgan, Valued Client

The Important Details

Trendline$ ABN: 75 093 243 620

Professional Investment Services ABN: 11 074 608 558

Sub-authorised Representative: Shane Jones - Bachelor of Business

ARN: 244946
Address: PO Box 7085, Gwynneville, NSW 2500
Phone: (02) 4285 6133

Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd, an Australian Financial Services Licence holder, has one of the largest networks of accountants and financial advisers in Australia.

Professional Investment Services offers a broad range of financial and business development services that are backed by our ongoing support and expertise. Our size, skills and success enable us to offer first class, personal services in financial planning, wealth creation and wealth preservation strategies, while at the same time assuring that we are a progressive company in the ever-evolving financial services profession.

PIS has appointed Shane Jones as a corporate sub authorised representative of TrendLine$ Pty LTD (Corporate Authorised Representative Number: 388519) to provide the following services on behalf of PIS

  • Risk Insurance

  • Superannuation and Retirement Planning

  • Superannuation General and Personal Advice

  • Investments

Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd ("PIS") is the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence No. 234951 under which PIS is authorised to carry on a financial services business which includes the provision of financial product advice and dealing in financial products.

AFSL No. 234951  |   ABN 11 074 608 55

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