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We professionally deliver advice and service, so that the right funds are in the right hands at the right time.

Trendline$ was established in June 2000, with the goal of assisting individuals and their loved ones to get the best protection they can. this mission has continued for over 20 years. Trendline$ is a local business based in Wollongong, that has a nationwide reach.


We know from experience that life can hand out some pretty harsh outcomes, and it is generally during these times when you know who is really there for you. Our commitment to you and your loved ones is to ensure that everything is easier when dealing with us. We are on your side and we will do what ever it takes for you and your family or your employees  to help.

We begin our relationship by ensuring you have the right funds in the right hands at the right time. We can do this by starting with “the end in mind”, preparing you for whatever life throws at you.

Our Services

We are risk insurance specialists, and can provide you with advice about what insurance you may need, and the plans that are best for you. 

Learn more about the process below.

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