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Protecting the Family

Happy Family

A young couple in their late 30’s with 2 children approached Trendline$ with the objective of consolidating their Superannuation and reviewing their personal insurance cover so that they were sufficiently protected. 


  • Consolidating their Superannuation and adjusting their risk profile to achieve higher growth.

  • Establish personal insurance plans that ensure they and their family, including their children, are protected in the event of their disablement, inability to work or their passing. 


  • The first step in the process was an initial meeting with Trendline$ to establish their goals, current financial and insurance situation, as well as to establish a personal connection between the couple and our office. 

  • An SOA is then created and sent to the couple for confirmation of their goals and the processes they are going to undertake. 

  • Once confirmation has been received, our office begins actioning recommendations, applying for insurance plans and consolidating the client’s super.



Our clients and their family are now comfortably insured, with Life, TPD and income protection insurance plans in place, with benefit amounts that ensure that should our clients not be able to work, they will be able to achieve a consistent source of income. Our clients are now relieved knowing that in the event of their passing, their children are not left without support, thanks to their life and TPD insurance that will provide a lump sum to each child. 

Our office has assessed our clients’ financial situation, and provided suggestions for insurance policies that will best suit their current lifestyle, with monthly premiums that the couple can comfortably afford. 

The insurance application process was smooth and stress free, with our office conducting the applications over the phone, and assisting the clients to gather all necessary information, like medical records. 

Our clients are also relieved knowing that their superannuation is invested in a high growth fund, so that they can retire comfortably with sufficient funds in their superannuation in the future. 

Are you looking to protect yourself and your family? Unsure where to start? Get in contact with our office and we can assist you in figuring out the right process for you.

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