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Set for the Future

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Our clients are in their mid 40s, and have 4 children. The couple has come to Trendline$ with the goal of consolidating their Superannuation, and reviewing their investments to allow for growth in their Superannuation funds. They are also interested in getting their estate planning completed. The couple would like to ensure that they have enough funds to retire comfortably in the future. 



  • The first step in the process was an initial meeting with Trendline$ to establish their goals, current financial and insurance situation, as well as to establish a connection between the couple and our office. We also discu

  • An SOA is then created and sent to the couple for confirmation of their goals and the processes they are going to undertake. 

  • Once confirmation has been received, our office begins actioning recommendations.


Our clients' superannuation was now invested in a way that would maximise their wealth, but they were still comfortable and content with it. They also were able to do this with minimal stress and complex forms, as our office assisted them to complete all requirements, and provided detailed guidelines for any procedures that needed to be completed. 


The couple and their family are now in a comfortable position with the knowledge that their superannuation investments are being maximised and providing them with the peace of mind that they will be able to have a comfortable retirement in the future. 


Interested in consolidating and growing your superannuation? Unsure if you’re adequately prepared for retirement? Get in contact with our office to arrange an assessment of your current situation.

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